Tiblar Rules/FAQ

Community Guidelines
Updated 02/04/18

By using this website (the "site"), you agree that you have read and understood the following rules. If you break any of these rules, or there is reasonable evidence that you have broken any of these rules, then your account will be terminated.

  • Legal NSFW content is completely allowed and will never be removed except for DMCA requests.
  • NSFW content is any content that has nudity or sexual content in an explicit context. For example pornography is explicit but the Vitruvian Man isn't. Anything else is not NSFW.
  • Repeatably posting NSFW content not labeled as such will result in a ban.
  • You will immediately leave this website and stop accessing this website if you are under the age of 18.
  • You agree to not upload any data or "post" anything that breaks United States laws.
  • This shouldn't have to be stated, but ABSOLUTELY NO child pornography or media containing nude humans under the age of 18. ABSOLUTELY NO media of real or realistic humans under the age of 18 engaging in sex or sexuals acts.
  • Do not upload copyright data without permission.
  • You agree to not spam or flood any content.
  • Do not have misleading previews for premium content.
  • Do not impersonate or pretend to be an admin or me. My account is 222.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Do not misuse tags.
  • If you have found an exploit for Tiblar, contact me instead of using it. I offer rewards in Bitcoin or Monero.

Privacy Policy
Updated 02/04/18
  • I've set up the site so no request logs on the web servers are kept.
  • The site use cookies for various purposes (such as to keep you logged in).
  • If you use the clearnet site (tiblar.com) then CloudFlare intercepts all the data. If this is a problem for you, I'm working on setting up a hidden service.
  • There are backups of data, so after you delete something it may persist for up to a month.
  • No user information is ever stored (IP addresses, browser fingerprints, etc)
  • Only you can protect your privacy, if it's something you care about, use Tor.
  • API data (from connected services like Steam) will be stored in Germany and the United States.
  • When connecting an external account (such as Steam, MAL, YouTube, etc) the data is stored and updated every 24h. When you delete your account, the connected service data is deleted within 1 month.

By using this website (the "site"), you agree that you have read and understood the following privacy policy.