October 29, 2019

Dear Tiblar Dramatizers

Regarding people who proceed to ask for elaborate change to Tiblar and have contacted the wrong people to do so. As well as to those who have dealt with the iFunny "bots". My name is Taiga, as declared by my colored name tag. That tag means I pay for premium, nothing more, nothing less. @Aphrodite let's have a talk real quick. The person you contacted was not a dev, we do not know him. We have one developer. And that's @222 he has his discord linked in his profile. Your questions and concerns go to him, or go through me or @Sen and we will take them to his attention. No Tiblar will never "require" Premium to use. It's literally just an upgrade in storage and to help @222 with living expenses. We aren't a site to be over dramatized. We're just another Social Media site that is mainly iFunny users. Which brings me to my second chat. "Bots" regarding a@Fuckoffbot we do not have bots. We have some guy who copy and pasted an advertisement. We don't like him. It brings people like you here. We don't want you. Any of the posts made by people saying "I'm moving to Tiblar" were made by Tiblar users, not bots. We aren't that bright, we don't need bots. The site is still growing and we are doing fine. So finally grab some water take a sip and curb stomp some other site. We don't care, we are a nice community. I am Taiga and thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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