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 June 06, 2020

I have made it so you need Tiblar Boost to post images, videos, pdfs, and files. This will be in place until July 1st due to people spamming child porn. I need to make a better moderation panel and get more moderators. Sorry and thank you.


 June 06, 2020

Tiblar is of up again!

Of yay!


 June 07, 2020

Yeah I'm kinda up there in the "Gonna Dip" section of Tiblar. Idk if I'll like be back at all. I've had a lot of shit happen the last week so I kinda just don't wanna be here I guess. Thanks for getting me to 400 followers, that was cool. I don't know what this site is really supposed to be I guess. @Yuri hope ya come back and run the place again. Wish I could talk to ya some other way besides Tib messaging. Uh ye. That's about it. See ya mongrels...



 June 06, 2020

6th grade sleepovers when someone whispers “poopie” at 1am


 June 06, 2020

Wow everyone, July first really came fast, huh?


 June 06, 2020

Ok so a lot of newer people here don't know exactly how to comment and reply on posts, so I made a little guide. Thank @BKFG50 for the music suggestion, and tag someone if this will help them


 June 06, 2020

we back

whats good


 June 06, 2020

Gonna dip

Lolis banned and the site functions on hiatus theres nothing for me here right now

Might check back in later when its suppose to be fixed

You guys have fun


 June 06, 2020